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You can get a complete overview of our services from the website at  Pricing is usually provided in a proposal after we calculate and determine the client needs in relation to their budget.  The first thing I like to make a potential client aware of is that the Web is an "Online Store" and this should be your mindset as you budget.  It is there to sell your product or service.  Your website is a 24/7/

365 sales person that should be dressed in it's finest suit and to make sure it has all the tools required to make the sale.


We can quote you a “per page” price however if you exceed 4 pages this price decreases and continues to decrease as the page sections increase.  We do, however, cater to the small business and will work with them on a grow-with-me basis.  We will advise you on your decisions as to leave your site open ended for future additions.  We will encourage you not to box in your site, leaving you no room to grow.


The Fist step toward building a successful website is to have competition research and keyword research performed for your field.  We refer to this procedure as a Web Demographic.  In order to know the proper direction for your site it is highly recommended this be completed prior to building a site and required for optimization.


Proposal and Web Demographic- $275.00 Fee Ducted from service balance if we are awarded the job.

Hosting and email set up (if required for up to three emails) $75.00

Monthly hosting -Determined by site size and requirements

Home Page $350.00 if 4 pages or more $450 if 1-3 pages

Logo development $150.00, print ready is additional $100.00

Additional site sections (or pages) $150-$200 each

Optimization $350.00/ optimized section (no less then3 required and this is really determined by the results of the Web Demographic

Optimized text copy $150.00/ page

Ongoing Optimization- Determined after optimization requirements have been determined

Customized Shipping Cart  $450.00  plus $15.00 per item.

Credit Card processing and e-Commerce set up $99.00

SSL certificate (security) $225.00 plus $125.00/ yr renewal


What we will need from you:

1.  Think about what you would like in the way of a LOGO: Colors, lettering, Pictures etc.

2.  Think about a 5-12 word "tag Line"

3.  Think about a 5 to 7 sentence "Marketing Message"

4.  Write out the F.A.B. (Features, advantages and Benefits )

5.  Create or locate as much text, or content, as possible.

6.  Pictures you want on your site.

7.  Review some websites and send me domain names of sites you like and what you like about them.

Lynn Baumeister  
Web Maximized SEO Specialist and Consultant

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